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General Information

The climate in Thailand is generally hot and humid across most of the country throughout most of the year. While Thailand’s seasons are generally divided into the hot season, cool season, and rainy season, in reality it’s relatively hot most of the year. As a guide, the seasons are as follows:

  • November – February Dry, cool season - 30-35 °C (85-95 °F), humidity between 50% - 60%
  • March – June Hot season – up to 40 °C (105 °F)
  • July – October Rainy season – evening downpours

Buddhism is the main religion. 95% of Thais are Buddhist. The Thai culture & way of life is closely linked to Buddhism. Muslim forms the 2nd large portion, followed by Christianity and Hinduism.

The cost of living in Thailand is cheaper than the west. If you live like a local, shop and eat in local restaurants, your money will go further, especially in the provinces away from big cities. Western food, imported products and places frequented by tourists are expensive. Thais enjoy shopping as reflected in the markets & shopping malls. Prices are inexpensive. Thais loves bargaining (prices are fixed in departmental stores/shopping malls) and are adapt in bargaining.

Thai food is varied, spicy, sour, hot (temperature) and sweet. Thai recipes use many vegetables, herbs and spices. The staple food is rice and noodles. Western food is available, especially in cities where you’ll find Macdonald, KFC and Burger King. However, prices are more expensive than eating local food.

Thai Baht is the official currency. Thailand is a cash-based society, especially in the countryside towns. ATMs are plentiful and most restaurants, entertainment centers and departmental stores will accept debit/credit cards issued by any of the major international banking networks. There may be transaction fees or other charges. GES will assist you in the opening of a bank account.

Mobile phones are cheap to buy in Thailand. SIM cards and prepaid top-up cards can be purchased almost anywhere including at the airport, convenience stores, shopping centers and 7-11 outlets. SIM cards range from 50 - 100 Baht. Thailand has many internet cafes and speeds are comparable to what is in your country. However, this may be slow in countryside & rural areas. Your school may provide internet access or internet subscription may be available.