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Traveling in Thailand

Flights – many international airlines operate international flights out of the major cities such as Bangkok / Chiang Mai / Phuket. There are also many low cost airlines eg. Airasia, Nok Air and Orient Thai operating domestically, as well as servicing neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore. Prices are relatively low.

Metered taxis - readily available and reasonably priced, tipping is not expected. Most drivers do not speak English so it is best to carry a business card of your destination if available. Taxis have a flat rate which takes you about 3 km, then additional charges after that. Taxis are considered safe and all drivers have a special license displayed which they can lose if reported for a misdemeanor. The cars are modest by western standards. If taking a taxi from a stand at the airport, there is a surcharge and tolls are expected to be paid for. A taxi from the airport to city centre is approximately 450-500 Baht (surcharges and tolls included). Taxis in other cities are available and reasonably priced for transport though this will vary from city to city.

Trains & Buses – Intercity trains are a good and cheap way to see the countryside. Seating varies from hard seat to soft sleeper for long distances. The State Railway of Thailand maintains a webpage at http://www.railway.co.th where you can see pricing and seating types. Bus – Intercity buses are also cheap and can provide effective and inexpensive transport. Seats are usually allocated and there is no standing. They are not crowded. In more remote areas, roads are often of poor standard. Bus routes and fares are maintained on http://www.transport.co.th

Motorbike – The vast majority of Thais have a motorbike. It is cheap to hire a motorbike. However, you must have a motorbike license and you should have a travel insurance policy that covers for any accidents. Helmets are required.